Wildland Solutions provides a number of publications and associated tools that are useful to Natural Resource managers who have a need to understand or communicate concepts related to management of rangeland roads and Residual Dry Matter (RDM).

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Effective Maintenance for Ranch, Fire and Utility Access Roads

Effective Maintenance for Ranch, Fire and Utility Access Roads cover

This publication is in a field guide format that assists with the Why, How, What and Where of access road maintenance.

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Monitoring Annual Grassland RDM Field Guide

RDM Guide cover

The Wildland Solutions Monitoring Annual Grassland Residual Dry Matter (RDM) field guide is a 2008 updated and expanded version of the very useful 1998 Wildland Solutions RDM photo guide. The 2008 guide was developed with strong support from ranching and environmental organizations. This easy to read and understand publication provides ecological and management rationale for monitoring the RDM levels of Annual grassland rangelands. The monitoring process from setting objectives, to surveys and reports is covered with extensive references for additional information is included.

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Clipping and weighing RDM kit

Estimating RDM levels includes a need for the person conducting the survey to periodically clip and weigh representative plots to make estimates of the RDM/herbage that occurs on a site. Wildland Solutions provides a basic kit that includes a high quality Swiss made Pesola scientific gram scale, and a hoop that allows conversion of herbage sampled to pounds per acre. A copy of the WS RDM monitoring guide with techniques and formulas for conversion of herbage clipped to pounds per acre is also included.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - Pesola gram scale
  • 1 - Clipping scissors
  • 1 - 13.25" hoop
  • 1 - Collection bag
  • 1 - Monitoring RDM field guide

Photo point reference kit

photo point reference kit

Visual references can serve as a valuable aid that helps communicate and document what is being observed in a photo. The Wildland Solutions RDM monitoring process includes representative photographs taken at 10 and 20 feet, with a Robel pole and small colored balls to help document what the observer is seeing.

Kit includes:

  • 1 - 40" Robel pole
  • 4 - Colored 1 1/2" reference balls
  • 1 - Monitoring RDM field guide
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Access Roads Workshop

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